8406 Avenue P, Building 1
Lubbock, Texas 79423
806-544-5875 or 806-748-5411
State Certified Alcohol and Drug Classes              Lubbock, Texas

DWI Class Schedules — Lubbock Texas

April DWI Classes
Tuesday, April 45:45 PM
Wednesday, April 56:00 PM
Thursday, April 66:00 PM
Sorry, class is full.

May DWI Classes
Tuesday, May 25:45 PM
Wednesday, May 36:00 PM
Thursday, May 46:00 PM
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DWI Intervention Class Schedules — Lubbock Texas
We currently have an Intervention class in progress. We will not have another class until this summer. Please check back with us.

DOEP Class Schedules — Lubbock Texas

April Classes
Monday, April 245:45 PM
Tuesday, April 256:00 PM
Wednesday, April 266:00 PM
Thursday, April 276:00 PM
Friday, April 286:00 PM
Sorry, class is full.

May Classes
Tuesday, May 95:45 PM
Wednesday, May 106:00 PM
Thursday, May 116:00 PM
Tuesday, May 166:00 PM
Thursday, May 186:00 PM
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