8406 Avenue P, Building 1
Lubbock, Texas 79423
806-544-5875 or 806-748-5411
State Certified Alcohol and Drug Classes              Lubbock, Texas

State Approved
DWI (Driving While Intoxicated)
Education Class

Driving While Intoxicated Education Program DSHS State Approved
Smart Steps provides state approved DWI classes certified by the State of Texas. This class is a requirement in Texas for any person convicted of a first offense DWI. This class can also be taken for pre-trial, attorney plea offers or failed U.A. required by probation or employers. This class can will satisfy the requirement for education because of a suyspended drivers license. Upon completion of the course, the participant is presented with a Texas State issued numbered certificate.

 Course Focus:
Texas Laws regarding DWI
Alcohol/Drugs & the human body
Effects of Alcohol/Drugs on driving skills

IMPORTANT: See Class Schedule
 Class Location:
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Lubbock, Texas 79423
Telephone: 806-544-5875 or 806-748-5411

Course Fee (12-hours): $70.00

We accept Cash, Money Orders, & Credit/Debit Cards
We do not accept personal checks.


call 806.544.5875

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 DWI Class Policies:
1. Students must register prior to class in order to attend. Call 806-544-5875 or 806-748-5411 for additional information.
2. Students must not have had any alcoholic beverage or be under the influence of any drug before attending class.
3. Students must attend all sessions in their proper order. The state does not allow make-ups.
4. Beverages are available for purchase or you may bring your own. Snacks are allowed during break. Smoking is not permitted inside the building.
5. Cell phones and all electronic devices must be turned off during class.
6. The fee for this course is $70.00 which is due at registration. If the student does not have the entire amount, a $35 down payment is required for entrance to the class. The entire fee must be paid by the last class day or the student will have to repeat the class and will lose their entire down payment.
7. On the first evening of class you must arrive by 5:45 PM to complete registration forms that are required by the state.

- Important Information -

 For Probation, Pre-Trial, or Reduced Charges:
1. Upon successful completion of the course, the student is given an official State of Texas numbered certificate.
2. A copy of the certificate is sent to the DPS when required.
3. Smart Steps notifies the probation officer within ten days of completion of course.
Bring to Class:
Probation officer's name, address,
phone, and fax number if other than Lubbock County.
Cause Number.

 For Out-of-State:
1. You are provided with an official State of Texas numbered Certificate.
2. For Out-of-State cases, it is your responsibility to get the DPS copy to where ever it needs to go. There may be other situations where Smart Steps will need to contact Out-of-State Court Officials for you.