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State Certified Alcohol and Drug Classes              Lubbock, Texas


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• 12 Hour DWI Education (AOP, Alcohol Awareness) $60.00
• 15 Hour Drug Offender Education (DOEP, DOP) $90.00
• DWI Intervention Program (Repeat Offender, ROP. DWII) $160.00

While all State Certified Alcohol and Drug Classes are required to present the same curriculum, there is a difference in classroom environments and instructors.

Our goal is to provide a pleasant, nonjudgemental environment that allows participants to actually enjoy the time they spend attending their required drug or alcohol educational class.

The state's curriculum presents topics such as the influence of alcohol and/or drugs on judgement, how alcohol/drugs affect driving skills, and basic alcohol/drug laws.

Our classroom setting is conducive to free speech and open to the opinions of its participants.
Texas State Certified Drug and Alcohol Classes
Texas State Certified Drug and Alcohol Classes State Certified Programs are required under state law for anyone convicted of a DWI or drug offense.. These courses may also be used by your attorney for plea negotiations for pre-trial diversion or be required by your employer or probation officer due to a failed drug test. Under certain circumstances one or more of these classes may be required by state law to retain your driver license.

"Herb and Kathy make the classes interesting and fun."
- Jenny

"Learned a lot of things I didn't know and never thought of. I actually looked forward to going."
- Javier